So you found newborn kittens?

Before you remove the kittens, do the following;

  1. Watch and wait –  watch from a distance to see if mom returns.
  2. If mom returns, instead of removing the kittens provide shelter and food for mom. Any experienced bottle feeder will tell you mommy is the best for a newborn.
  3. After about six weeks, contact your local shelter to help with the TNR for mom before she gets pregnant again.
  4. If you found that mom cat has been knocked over contact your local shelter and feral organization for assistance.


Consequences of not adhering to the above

Removing kittens while mom cat is around will lead to mom cat getting stressed out which will lead to her getting into heat and you will soon find yourself in the same situation.

Feeding kittens without the relevant knowledge on how to feed them and what exactly to feed them can be extremely dangerous. One wrong move and you could kill the kittens without even knowing it.

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