The easiest way to identify a feral cat

A tipped ear is easy to spot.

Impractical methods include;

  1. Tattoos or microchips: are visible only when the cat is sedated.
  2. Ear Tags: could lead to ear infections or get torn off
  3. Collars: can get outgrown or get caught and strangle the cat

Stray vs Feral

Likely to approach people, cars, houses > Avoids human contact.

Makes eye contact and blinks. Might vocalise/ purr > Skittish and likely to run away. Avoids eye contact,

Doesn’t belong to a colony/ group. Lives close to humans > Lives in a colony. Lives in secluded areas.

Will probably rub against you. Raised tail to show curiosity and friendliness > Stays low to the ground by crouching. Lowered tail to protect the body.

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